Advanced Prototyping

The tools you need for faster product development
From feasibility study to product testing, 3D Print Shop’s advanced prototyping service makes your product development process simpler, more cost-effective, and quicker. Our team of industry experts are here to support you with your project, from the initial stage to creating concept models or functional models using our advanced prototyping processes.

The world’s major industries, from automotive to medical and manufacturing, rely on 3D printing to develop new designs and build the next generation of products efficiently. Companies consult with 3D Print Shop throughout their product development cycle for support with digitalized files, material selection, and prototyping.

As 3D printing consultants, we help you determine the manufacturability of your design and recommend the best process to use in creating an accurate, high-quality prototype or finished product.

Concept Modeling

Concept modeling turns a design from digitalized model to the physical product that can be used as a display sample, for marketing, or design testing. 3D printing speeds up the product development life cycle by allowing one-off products to be made within days.

As part of any product development process, concept modeling enables design and engineering teams to analyze, verify and test their product in the real world. A design may require further refinement before it’s ready for full production. Concept models allow your team to prove designs, review esthetics and test out the product’s function before approving and finalizing production.

Since many advanced prototypes require various manufacturing tools to achieve their desired form, 3D Print Shop offers a comprehensive range of 3D printing and conventional processes that may be combined for the best results.

Functional Prototypes

3D Print Shop offers a wide range of materials and finishes so you can produce prototypes to specifications for real-world testing. Create a functional prototype as an accurate representation of your product to test for quality, strength, durability, function, form, and performance.

3D prototyping allows you to experiment with different thermoplastics, testing them for thermal, chemical, and mechanical stresses. By setting the standards in a real-world or simulated environment, you can determine the best material for use in your product.

By producing realistic prototypes, you get to feel the weight of your product, determine manufacturability, and review parts assembly. All aspects of your design, no matter how complex, can now be produced accurately within days or weeks instead of months.

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Learn About our Advanced Prototyping Processes

3D Print Shop offers a range of digital manufacturing solutions to help design and engineering teams, small businesses, and individuals turn their digital models into physical reality. As our valued customer, you gain access to our advanced digital processes and support from our team of experts.

Check out some of the 3D printing and manufacturing processes in our facilities around the US.

3D Printing - Stereolithography SLA


Delivers highly accurate parts with smooth finishes. Popular 3D printing process capable of printing complex shapes and detailed parts. Create small or large models up to 5 ft. (1.5 m) in high resolution, free from distortions.

3D Print Shop - Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering

Ideal for quick delivery of prototypes without additional tooling. Allows for accurate production in a range of high-quality materials. Create high-quality prototypes and parts with complex geometries.

3D Print Shop - Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Advanced direct metal printing process without the need for additional tooling. Perfect for the fine production of metal parts where traditional methods are not an option. High-quality 3D printing of objects.

3D Print Shop - Cast Urethane

Cast Urethane

Rapid prototyping process providing a wide range of material options. High accuracy in finished product comparable to injection molded parts, including feel, texture, color, and appearance. Ideal for low-volume pieces.

3D Print Shop - Die Casting

Die Casting

Ideal for volume production of strong metal parts with complex shapes and fine details. Reusable mold ensures consistency in production and quick turnaround. Versatile, high-speed production of prototypes or final product.

On-demand Manufacturing

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We'll listen and work together to ensure your 3D project is a success.
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