What is Cast Urethane?

Cast urethane uses a 3D-printed master pattern to create a soft mold, typically of silicone. Polyurethanes are injected into the mold to fabricate parts. These can range from rigid to flexible and rubber-like. The soft mold is able to capture small surface details, thus enabling an accurate production of parts with a consistent quality.

Cast Urethane is ideal for small to mid-scale runs of end-use parts or prototypes for market testing. Compared to traditional injection molding, the tooling cost for cast urethane is less expensive and its lead time is much shorter. Parts can be finished in a variety of colors and produced from a wide selection of materials.

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Cast Urethane Applications

Advanced Prototyping
The ease of making changes to 3D-printed master patterns makes it ideal for product development. It allows for the testing of different materials using the same mold.


Low to Mid-Volume Production
Save cost on injection mold tooling, perfect for low to mid-volume batch production of end-parts. Fast turnaround time.


Market Testing
The end-use quality of cast urethane parts and low cost of batch production make it perfect for consumer testing before deciding on full production or iterations.

Cast Urethane Benefits

Low tooling cost
Cost of creating a mold for cast urethane is significantly lower than that of injection molding.


Flexible Materials
A wide selection of materials is available, from rigid to flexible, colored or clear.


Accurate Colors and Textures
Ability to match color and texture achievable with injection molding process.


Rapid Turnaround
The mold takes 1-2 weeks to produce, allowing the finished prototype to be delivered quickly.


Ability to over-mold existing part with a second material.

Cast Urethane Materials & Finishes

The mold material is silicone and the injection liquid is polyurethane (PU). Materials range in their mechanical properties, such as high-temp, ABS-like, polypropylene-like, and elastomer.


Standard – Finished to a strong, smooth surface in your choice of color.


Custom processing – Please contact our 3D specialists to discuss custom processing options (i.e. painting, adding texture or hardware installation). Call today (281) 335-3968.

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