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On-demand Manufacturing

Whether it’s creating prototypes, parts or full productions, we offer you an integrated service that fulfills all your project requirements.

Rapid Prototyping

Our 3D-printed prototype and production service is among the fastest and most reliable in the industry. Get advice and access to rapid prototyping solutions. Your prototype can be ready in as little as 48 hours.

Advanced Prototyping

When your projects get more complex, you want a team of experts to be on board. Whether it’s manufacturing considerations or materials testing, we provide you with the professional support you need from start to finish.

Low-Volume Production

Reduce the production costs of low-volume parts by using quick-turn injection molding. We replicate your design to precision and produce the quantity you need to the highest quality. Enjoy fast turnaround in the process.

Appearance Models

Create functional prototypes from your digital designs. We offer a wide range of materials, 3D printing solutions, and finishes to complete your model to specifications. We have the expertise to take you through the entire process.

3D manufacturing is trending in these industries.

These industries are reducing costs and improving efficiencies through 3D manufacturing.
3D Manufacturing for Automotive


Additive manufacturing processes, such as stereolithography and fused deposition modeling, are replacing traditional modeling methods.

3D Manufacturing for Aviation and Aerospace


Additive manufacturing allows designers and engineers to design highly complex components, including rocket and jet engines.

3D Manufacturing for Dentistry


It is now possible for 3D printing to meet the challenges of reconstructive dentistry, such as mandibular reconstruction and lower arch implant rehabilitation.

3D Manufacturing for Education


With desktop 3D printers becoming more affordable, many schools are adopting them in the classrooms and training teachers on the use of these machines.

3D Manufacturing for Medical and Healthcare


The innovative use of 3D printing in healthcare is already Improving patient care and experience as well as assisting surgeons in planning and communication.

3D Manufacturing for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas

Additive manufacturing simplifies the manufacturing of complex turbomachinery components. In this way, oil and gas companies are able to reduce costs and emission.

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